About EzContent Components

EzContent is an open-source Drupal distribution developed by Srijan Technologies. It provides easy to use standard built-in publishing features like scheduling, workflow-based content generation. ezContent is SEO ready providing features like Metatag generation, sitemap, and real-time SEO widget to test the content. ezContent article components are built and maintained for Drupal front end (coupled) as well as for de-coupled front ends on Angular, React, and Gatsby. It also provides AI-enabled editorial experience, helping editors generate auto tags and auto-summary.

EzContent provides ready to launch publishing website saving weeks of customer's time.

EzContent Components.

Hero Banner Component
Hero Component is the first CTA and most important component of any landing page. It can be treated as a banner when only a single media image is added. If multiple images are added, this is converted to a slider.
The Image Gallery component allows you to quickly create an image gallery or slideshow. EzContent has two modes for Gallery component with simple configuration Simple Gallery and Gallery Carousel
Card Component
A card is a flexible and extensible content container. It chunks several different (but related) components. Cards present a teaser image, title, summary, and CTA link. They can be displayed horizontally and vertically.
Embed component
Embed component embeds external content, provided by an external application or another source of interactive content such as a browser plug-in
Map Component
The Map component lets you display a customized, interactive map, showing markers for one or more specified addresses in a Google map.
Reference Cards
Reference Cards: As the name says, any article page in ezConetnet has a summary and a teaser field. An editor can highlight or link any article to the other using Reference Cards Paragraph.
From Library component
Library - A concept of reusable paragraphs, where any paragraph created as a library item, can be reused N number of times.
Media Component
A content writer can add upload images & videos (Youtube and Vimeo) from the entity browser, media can also be searched via tags, names.
FAQ component
The purpose of an FAQ is generally to provide information on frequent questions or concerns. ezContent provide toggle functionality to users to check the answers for the questions
Quotes can help add content from another source within an article.
Content Listing Component
Content Listing allows the editor to list the teaser display of your article by mentioning the author's name or tags related to an article.
Alert banner component
Alert banner can be used to communicate important site-wide messages, warnings, or emergency information. It is recommended to place the global alert banner at the top of the page.
Card 1

this is card 1

Card 2
card 2 title

this is card 2

alt text
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